Let Us Help You Un-Mess Your Mess!
If you are a busy employer who could use more time during your workday, we are glad you found us!  At HR Benefit Pros, we are committed to helping you spend less time on messy paperwork and time-consuming projects so you can maximize your company’s growth potential. Wouldn’t it be a relief to hand over some critical business areas to a trusted team of experts who can increase your productivity? Our service platform covers everything from accounting and payroll to human resources and benefits. HR Benefit Pros is the business solution you have been looking for to reduce the busy work so you can focus more on profit-making activities to move your company forward!


Why Choose US?
Who is HR Benefit Pros
We are a company comprised of dedicated and highly skilled business professionals who are passionate about solving employer problems or taking on special projects for companies of any size. We can help you maintain your 401 (k) plan, update an old employee handbook as well as assist in other areas such as accounting, payroll, FMLA and HR to take the burden off of you. See our list of services here. We also minimize potential risks by keeping up with changes in employment and business practices that can also minimize profits.

Our Competitive Difference
Because we are a full scope firm, we can offer a more robust solution than our competitors. Our team’s diverse knowledge and extensive business experience allows us to go beyond answering your basic questions and focus on your organization as a whole. HR Benefit Pros offers a free consultation where we evaluate your organization’s strengths and weaknesses and provide a report card showing where improvements can be made.

Ready to get started? Give us a call at (877) 785-2514 or email info@hrbenefitpros.com and see how HR Benefit Pros can Un-Mess your Mess!